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Process for Starting a New Cycle

Please read the information below and complete the steps to notify us of your intention to start a new cycle.

You can read here about the cut-off dates for treatment for 2023 and new cycle dates for 2024

Minimum notice required of your intent to start a new cycle:
  • Full new cycle/egg collection or new Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle = 4 weeks notice
  • Back-to-back FET/egg collections = 48 hours notice (provided all the required essentials have been completed)
Required essentials prior to starting Treatment:
  • Valid referral (must cover entire cycle)
  • Treatment Consents signed and returned by all parties
  • Payment processed
Step 1: Notice of Intent to start a Cycle

Please click the button below to complete the Step 1 form to notify of us of your intention to start a new cycle.  In most cases we require a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

Step 2: Ready to start your cycle?

Once you have completed all of Step 1, you will receive an email from our Accounts Department containing instructions and a link for Step 2.