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Your Partners In Fertility

When you come to Genea, you can expect personal care and understanding. We combine a supportive approach with the latest scientific technology to help you achieve your goal of parenthood.

Genea has a Bulk Billed Fertility GP which is a great first step if you have been trying to fall pregnant without success.  In this assessment, you will get a clear understanding of what tests may need to be undertaken, whether you can keep trying naturally to conceive or if you need further assistance.

If you need to see a Fertility Specialist, at your first appointment they will discuss your medical history, your experience with pregnancy so far and the next steps in your journey to parenthood.

You can expect to feel listened to and provided with the information you need to progress to falling pregnant.

Once you have a referral from your GP, request an appointment with one of our Genea Fertility Specialists.

If you don’t have a regular GP, you can schedule a virtual appointment with one of our Genea GP’s to obtain a referral.

Request An Appointment With One Of Our Fertility Specialists or our Genea GP