Accounts FAQ


Do I need a Referral?

  • Yes – you will need a referral to see your Fertility Specialist.  This same referral is also used by Genea to ensure that you can obtain applicable rebates including Medicare.

How long does my referral last?

  • If your referral was provided by your GP your referral could be valid for 12 months or indefinite, depending on the words used on the referral.
  • If your referral has been provided by another Specialist, it will only be valid for 3 months.

What happens if my referral is out of date?

  • Genea will notify you that your referral is out of date. You cannot start your treatment until a new referral has been obtained and sent to us.
  • If you do not have a valid referral Medicare will not cover your rebates. Your referral MUST be dated PRIOR to your cycle start date which is Day 1 of your period)

Who should the referral be made out to?

  • Your referral can be made out to your Fertility Specialist or Genea.

Fees and Payments

Cycle Payments

What do I pay?

  • Financial information relating to your specific treatment is provided during your initial consultation with our Accounts Department. For all cycles, once you have completed Step 1 you will be sent financial documents which will detail your cycle fee payable to Genea.  The document will show your Full amount payable and where applicable a Gap amount that can be paid.

How do I pay?

  • Genea accepts direct bank deposit, bank cheque or debit/credit cards including AMEX.  Card payments can be made over the phone by calling 02 49027000.

When do I pay?

  • Cycle payments must be made prior to your cycle starting (Step 2).  The Step 2 link will be sent to you via email once Step 1 is completed (ie Treatment Consents signed and returned, Financial Consents signed and returned, payment has been received).
  • Other payments may be due as per the invoice issued and dependent on cycle type.
  • Direct Deposits are not confirmed until presented to the Genea account.  Until presented Step 2 (and therefore cycle) cannot begin.  Presenting in our account is dependent on your transaction and can take 2-3 days or more.  Payments made over the weekend will not be processed until the next available business day and once presented in our account.

GAP Payment

What happens when I pay the GAP payment?

  • Where applicable you may pay the GAP amount that is listed in your financial documents.  Paying the GAP amount means that Medicare will first send a cheque to you that is made out to a Genea Doctor.  This could be Dr Robert Woolcott (Genea Director), Dr Mark Bowman (Genea Medical Director) or to your Fertility Specialist.  This cheque cannot be deposited by you and must be sent to us to complete your payment.

How long does the cheque take?

  • The Doctors Rebate cheque can take 4-6 weeks to be received by you from Medicare.  If the cheque does not arrive within 90 days, you may contact Medicare to confirm details. After 90 days Medicare will transfer the funds directly to Genea.

How do I claim the Threshold Rebate

  • Once Genea receives the Doctors Rebate from Medicare, we will send you an email containing your invoice and instructions on how to lodge a claim for the threshold rebate with Medicare.
  • Please note that this process may take longer to get back to your actual out-of-pocket expenses.

FULL Payment

How do I claim Medicare?

  • After your treatment cycle, Genea will submit your Medicare claim and send you an email confirmation. Within 3-5 days, Medicare will directly deposit the Doctor and Threshold rebates to the account you have nominated with them.
  • This is the faster process to get back to your actual out-of-pocket expenses.

Additional Costs (Incl Hospital)

Hospital Fees

Do I have to pay hospital fees?

  • Your cycle fee does not include the Day Surgery hospital fee for your admission.  This fee is set by, and payable directly to Lingard Private Hospital on the day of your procedure.  The hospital fees quoted by Genea are indicative only and you should contact Lingard Hospital directly for accurate pricing information on 4969 6799.

What if I have Private Health Hospital?

  • If you have hospital cover as part of your private health insurance, your fund may cover the hospital component of your expenses. (See section on Private Health Fund Cover)

Storage Fees

When do I pay?

  • Egg/Embryo/Sperm storage is payable monthly. There are two options for payment:
    • Genea can debit a nominated card between the 15th – 21st of each month, or
    • Genea can send an invoice for payment.
  • Failure to pay storage on time may incur additional costs.

Am I eligible to have my storage paid for by the Government Storage scheme?

  • As of 1 July 2023, the Federal Government are covering storage for patients undergoing chemotherapy or certain genetic conditions that require testing.  If you qualify, you will be notified during the accounts interview and given information on how to apply.

 What do I do if I no longer require storage of my gametes (egg(s)/embryo(s)/sperm)?

  • Contact our Accounts Department via email at informing them that you wish to discontinue storage. Please include in the details below for both you and your partner (if you have one):
    • date of birth(s)
    • email address(s)
    • mobile number(s)
  • Consent forms for collection or discard of your gametes will be sent to you via DocuSign.


Medicare and NSW Government Rebates

When can I claim my rebates?

  • All rebates are processed at the completion of your cycle.
  • Genea will send your claim to Medicare.

Issues with Medicare

  • If Genea has any issues lodging your claim to Medicare, we will let you know and advise what is required.
  • If you receive any notification from Medicare regarding the lodgement failing, please email with the information to enable us to look into it for you.
  • Note: Genea Pty Ltd may not be able to contact Medicare on your behalf once payment is received, due to privacy limitations.

NSW Government Rebate

  • Once your cycle is complete, Genea will process your Medicare claim. If you are eligible for the one-off NSW Government Rebate, we will send you a Form and Invoice via DocuSign, which you need to electronically sign and save. Then, you can lodge your claim directly with Service NSW. Please note that all eligible patients must claim this rebate directly with Service NSW, as Genea cannot claim or request this rebate on your behalf.


Private Health Fund Cover

Will I be covered?

  • This is dependent on the type of cover you have. Contact your Health Fund to determine your level of cover.

When can I claim?

  • Hospital expenses: there will be an out-of-pocket expense payable on the day of your procedure.
  • IVF expense: once full payment is received, we will provide you with a receipt that you can use to make your claim with your insurer.
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Step 2

I haven’t received Step 2, what should I do?

  • Once your treatment consents and financial consents have been completed and returned, and we have received your cycle payment into our account, we will send the Step 2 link to you via email.  Step 2 will not be sent until all of the above have been completed and received.
  • Payments made over the weekend are not processed until the next working day, therefore Step 2 will not be sent until this time.  Please ensure you complete all required tasks in enough time to obtain and complete the Step 2 link before your requirement to start your cycle.  Be sure to account for weekend delays.
  • If you have completed all tasks outlined above, payment was not made over the weekend, but you have not received the Step 2 link please contact accounts for assistance.

What do I do with Step 2?

  • Step 2 is your simple way to inform the nurse that your period to start your cycle has arrived!  Click the link, complete and submit the form, and we will be in contact with you.


Using Superannuation

Where is my Super money?

  • Genea does not arrange the release of your Super funds. Your Super funds will be released via the ATO directly to your account.  Payment is made to Genea via payment methods mentioned above (See Fees and Payments) prior to your cycle starting as part of Step 1.

Can the ATO ask for receipt proof?

  • Yes, they can.  We suggest you ensure you keep all receipts for your IVF journey for this purpose including pharmacy, hospital, treatment cycle etc.

Where can I get the documents required?

  • Genea will provide you with a financial quote for your application only.  All other documents you must obtain and submit as required.

But I have seen your counsellor, can’t you provide the letter?

  • No, you are required to see a psychiatrist.

When should I apply for Super and how much?

  • It’s a good idea to confirm with the ATO how long it generally takes to release the funds to ensure you will have the necessary funds available when you are ready to start your IVF cycle. You can apply for the amount that fits your budget, however, keep in mind that accessing your super funds incurs a cost, so it is important to ensure you apply for the funds you require to cover both the IVF quote and the expense of releasing the funds. The ATO can advise you of any costs to release funds.