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Plan Your Future Family

Fertility preservation is becoming a more popular option, particularly as women delay starting their families.

Genea Newcastle offers fertility preservation, freezing eggs for women who are worried about their declining fertility but are not ready to start a family.

Fertility preservation is an option for couples undergoing IVF who have more than one embryo as a result of their treatment.

This strategy is also available to clients who are undergoing treatments including chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which has the potential to impact fertility.

Egg Freezing

Women may choose to freeze their eggs when they are worried about their age affecting their fertility or if they are undergoing cancer treatment.

The process is similar to that of an IVF cycle, when the women undertakes ovarian stimulation and an egg collection procedure. The eggs are then frozen on the day they are collected for future use.

Although there is no guarantee of a pregnancy, many women are opting to freeze their eggs as an option down the track.

Sperm Freezing

Men freeze their sperm when they are unable to be present for their partners IVF cycle, as a back up prior to a vasectomy, or when they are undergoing cancer treatment which may damage their sperm.

Freezing a sperm sample involves making an appointment for an allocated time, then collecting a sperm sample via masturbation into a sterile jar in our private collection room.
This sample is then frozen in straws in liquid nitrogen until it is needed in the future. There is a monthly fee for storage of the sperm.

Urgent Fertility Preservation

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or another illness and your specialist has recommended you investigate fertility preservation, please contact us to request a more immediate appointment.

What’s Involved With Fertility Preservation

Your Fertility Specialist will help you understand exactly what is involved and your options when it comes to fertility preservation.

Book your first appointment today after requesting a referral from your doctor.