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Monday 16/8/2021

⚠⚠ Covid-19 Update ⚠⚠

We are still open! However, with the growing number of cases in the area we are having to introduce new procedures…

💙 Patients from the Central Coast and Sydney still need to have a weekly negative covid test and this needs to be within a 72-hour timeframe before entering Lingard Hospital.

💙 Proof of negative test (screenshot) will need to be emailed to the clinic to:

💙 Newcastle and Hunter patients visiting the clinic do not need a covid test at this time unless they have been to exposure sites, had contact with anyone from Sydney or Central Coast, or have Covid symptoms.

💙 No entry to the clinic for Casual or Close contacts or anyone with Covid symptoms

💙 Only the person who is having treatment is allowed into Lingard Hospital and Genea Newcastle, so no partners, children or support persons at this time. This includes people attending for blood tests, ultrasounds scans, egg collections, embryo transfers, semen analysis, commencement of injections or any other appointments/procedures at our clinic.

💙 Our Ovulation Tracking Bulk Billed service is not operating at the moment

In the event that we are shutdown with short notice due to a positive case linked to our clinic or Lingard Hospital the following will occur:

💙 All embryos will be frozen & FET will occur when we re-open

💙 Patients currently on a cycle and close to egg collection will be given the choice to go to either our Genea Sydney (Kent Street) or Norwest clinics for their egg collection

💙 Patients wanting to start a new cycle will be added to a waiting list

Genea Newcastle will continue to follow strict social distancing requirements and follow a strict cleaning procedure within our clinic and reception rooms, though we also need you to do your part.

💙 Hand sanitiser is to be used by all patients before and after your visit

💙 Mask wearing is mandatory

💙 Signing in and out of the clinic via the Service NSW app is mandatory

If you have been in contact with anyone from Sydney, Central Coast, or any of the emerging exposure sites in Newcastle and Hunter region please get tested and isolate until you receive your results. 💙 💙

Stay safe and healthy.

The Genea Newcastle Team