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Free Ovulation Tracking


Many couples, understandably, want to know what they can do to improve their chances of conceiving.

Before jumping into fertility treatment, here at Genea Newcastle we encourage you to consider ovulation tracking as a first step. It is after all a simple option with blood tests that helps you understand your natural fertility and help you plan when to have sex to maximise the potential of getting pregnant.

We offer 3 cycles of ovulation tracking which are bulk billed if you are an eligible Medicare card holder. Blood tests must be attended at our Genea Newcastle clinic. Download our information brochure on the process.

A Simple Four Step Plan

Step 2

Call or email the Genea Nurse between day 1-3 of your next period

Call or email our Genea Newcastle Nurse between day 1-3 of your next period.

They will advise the best day to visit our Genea clinic (between 7am – 10am) to have your first blood test. You will then receive an SMS to let you know whether you should have another blood test or have unprotected intercourse (it is common to have three initial blood tests to determine ovulation).

Step 3

Seven days after ovulation, you'll need one more blood test to check progesterone levels

These usually rise after an egg has been released.

Step 4

It's time for a pregnancy test

If your period does not arrive 16 days from the day of your ovulation we’ll have you come in for a pregnancy test.